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2022/23 Winter Flight Schedule at Vienna Airport: Sunny vacation destinations, airline comebacks on long-haul routes and an expanded offering in Europe
The new winter flight schedule for Vienna Airport will take effect on Sunday, 30 October 2022. Travellers will be able to choose among a broad spectrum of travel destinations. In addition to sunny, seasonable long-haul destinations such as Cancún, Mauritius and the Maldives, Austrian Airlines will also offer flight service to Tromsø for the first time. Ryanair is launching flights to eight new destinations and will offer a total of 70 routes from Vienna in the winter season. Wizz Air is operating flights to Dammam, Madeira, Jeddah and Riad for the first time. It is serving 40 destinations and will station a fifth aircraft in Vienna in December 2022. Following a pandemic-related interruption, China Airlines, Eva Air, Korean Air and Kuwait Air are back at Vienna Airport again. Moreover, Air Serbia, Emirates and Ethiopian Airlines have announced frequency increases, and Volotea is offering Christmas flights to Nantes.
Austrian Airlines serves 80 destinations and launches flight service on new routes
Austria’s home carrier will fly to 80 destinations in total in the 2022/23 winter flight schedule and is increasing frequencies on numerous routes. On a seasonal basis, it is offering flights to the sunny vacation destinations of the Maldives, Mauritius and Cancún. It is also operating flights to Tromsø for the first time. Moreover, the airline is also flying to Florence, Naples, Valencia, Marrakech and Keflavik during the winter months for the first time. Passengers can take advantage of long-haul flight connections to Chicago, New York, Washington, Montreal, Bangkok and Shanghai throughout the entire year. Recently Austrian Airlines integrated a modern A320neo aircraft into its fleet, which is now being deployed on flights from Vienna. Four new A320neo are expected to arrive at Vienna Airport by the spring of 2023 for use by Austrian Airlines. Accordingly, the Austrian Airlines fleet will expand to 65 aircraft.
Ryanair inaugurates flight service to eight new routes and offers 70 destinations
The Irish airline is planning more than 600 weekly flights from Vienna in the new winter flight schedule. It is adding eight new routes to its route network, namely Bremen, Copenhagen, Genoa, Helsinki, Manchester, Sibiu, Tuzla and Venice. The airline will be stationing 17 aircraft in Vienna for deployment in the winter flight schedule.
Wizz Air serves 40 destinations in 25 countries  
WIZZ recently launched flight service to Dammam and will also add Madeira, Jeddah and Riad to its route network starting in December 2022. Furthermore, the airline is resuming flights to Amman and Eilat. WIZZ is increasing frequencies on existing routes such as London Gatwick, Barcelona, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Tenerife, Yerevan, Niš, Podgorica und Sharm El-Sheikh. Starting in December 2022, Wizz Air is adding a fifth A321neo to the aircraft it stations at Vienna Airport.
Airlines are resuming flights from Vienna – Further recovery of long-haul connections
Following a pandemic-related break, other airlines are resuming long-haul flight operations from Vienna Airport. China Airlines will fly to Taipei again as of 31 October 2022, and Korean Air and Kuwait Airways have also been offering regular flights to Vienna since the summer months. In addition, Air China is also operating flights to Beijing. EVA Air is increasing frequencies to one daily flight to Taipei as of November (four of which with a stop in Bangkok), and Ethiopian Airlines is raising the number of weekly flights to Addis Ababa to a total of five. Air Canada is flying to Toronto four times per week in the winter flight schedule and Emirates is raising the number of flights to Dubai to fourteen per week. Air Serbia is offering two daily flight connections to Belgrade within the context of the winter flight schedule and Volotea is offering Christmas flights to Nantes in the period from mid-December 2022 to the beginning of January 2023.
For a relaxing holiday trip: keep immigration and departure regulations in mind
Many countries implemented a further easing of entry requirements for travellers after the summer. Nevertheless, it is still recommended to keep these regulations in mind before every journey. People who are properly prepared will be able to enjoy a relaxed journey in any case. Vienna Airport recommends that travellers contact the airline they have booked the flight with or their travel agency for information about the necessary forms to be filled out as well as applicable immigration regulations in their respective holiday destination.
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