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January 2021 Traffic Results: Passenger decline continues in the new year - 240,118 Passengers in the Flughafen-Wien Group and 198,295 at Vienna Airport – Decline of 90.5% in Vienna
The aviation sector continues to be severely afflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the month of January 2021, passenger volume in the Flughafen Wien Group (Vienna Airport, Malta Airport and Kosice Airport) amounted to 240,118 travellers, comprising a year-on-year decline of 90.5% from the level of January 2020. Vienna Airport registered a drop of 90.5% to 198,295 passengers.
January 2021 at Vienna Airport: passenger traffic down 90.5%
The number of passengers handled by Vienna Airport in the month of January 2021 declined by 90.5% in a year-on-year comparison to 198,295 travellers. The number of local passengers fell by 91.1%, whereas transfer passenger decreased by 88.9%. The number of flight movements in January 2021 was down by 80.9% from the prior-year month. Cargo volume at Vienna Airport fell 3.1% compared to the level of January 2020.
Passenger traffic to Western Europe fell by 91.1% in January 2021, whereas the number of passengers flying to Eastern Europe was down by 91.2% year on year. Passenger traffic to North America decreased by 87.4% from the prior-year month, and the number of passengers flying to Africa dropped by 86.7%. Passenger volume to Middle Eastern destinations showed a decline of 89.3% in January 2021. The number of passengers travelling to destinations in the Far East fell by 94.8%.
Malta Airport reported a reduction in passenger volume of 90.7% in the month of January 2021, Kosice Airport registered a decline of 87.3% in the number of passengers it handled compared to the prior-year period.
Details on the traffic results for January 2021 can be found in the table below.
Press Office of Flughafen Wien AG
Peter Kleemann, Company Spokesman
Tel.: (+43-1-) 7007-23000

Traffic Development January 2021

Vienna Airport (VIE)

  01/2021 Diff.%
Passengers arr+dep+transit 198,295 -90.5
Local passengers arr+dep 148,310 -91.1
Transfer passengers arr+dep 47,366 -88.9
Flight movements arr+dep 3,733 -80.9
Cargo arr+dep (in tonnes) 19,735 -3.1
MTOW (in tonnes) 170,873 -78.6

Malta Airport (MLA, vollkonsolidiert)

  01/2021 Diff.%
Passengers arr+dep+transit 38,938 -90.7
Local passengers arr+dep 38,938 -90.6
Transfer passengers arr+dep 0 -100.0
Flight movements arr+dep 621 -81.8
Cargo arr+dep (in tonnes) 1,075 -19.6
MTOW (in tonnes) 21,935 -83.5

Flughafen Kosice (KSC, at-Equity-Konsolidiert)

  01/2021 Diff.%
Passengers arr+dep+transit 2,885 -87.3
Local passengers arr+dep 2,885 -87.3
Transfer passengers arr+dep 0 n.a.
Flight movements arr+dep 38 -88.3
Cargo arr+dep (in tonnes) 0 -100.0
MTOW (in tonnes) 1,134 -82.2

Flughafen Wien und Beteiligungen (VIE, MLA, KSC)

  01/2021 Diff.%
Passengers arr+dep+transit 240,118 -90.5
Local passengers arr+dep 190,133 -90.9
Transfer passengers arr+dep 47,366 -89.0
Flight movements arr+dep 4,392 -81.1
Cargo arr+dep (in tonnes) 20,810 -4.1
MTOW (in tonnes) 193,942 -79.3
Note: Total number of passengers includes local, transfer and transit passengers.
Traffic data adjusted.