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Flughafen Wien Share Traded on the Stock Market for 25 Years – A Remarkable Success Story
Five-fold increase in the share price since the IPO – Company’s market value up from € 580 million to € 2.8 billion at present
Today, on June 15, 2017, Flughafen Wien AG (FWAG), the operating company of Vienna Airport, celebrates its 25th stock market anniversary. On June 15, 1992, the Flughafen Wien share was traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange for the first time. The Initial Public Offering and the subsequent privatisation of a majority of the company’s shares served as the basis for a remarkable success story, making the FWAG share one of the most successful airport shares in the world.  
Since its initial listing, the share price of the Flughafen Wien share has been subject to a five-fold increase. Following a continuous rise in value in the initial phase, the share price at the beginning of 2012 fell for a short time under the issue price of € 6.90. What followed was an uninterrupted, precipitous increase to its record high of € 35.32. The FWAG share closed trading yesterday, June 14, 2017, at € 33.33. Accordingly, the company’s value as measured by its market capitalisation, has climbed from € 580 million to € 2.8 billion at the present time, which makes Flughafen Wien AG the ninth biggest ATX company on the Vienna Stock Exchange.
Over the years the shareholder structure has changed dramatically. For a long time 50% of the shares were held in free float. In the meantime, the investor IFM, largely funded by Australian pension funds, owns a 39.8% stake in the company.
However, shareholders have not only profited from the rise in value of the FWG share. Dividends have also risen four-fold. The consolidated net profit of the company has even climbed ten-fold, up from € 11.7 million in 1992 to € 112.6 million in the year 2016.
Employees have also benefited from the positive development, in light of the fact that 10% of the shares belong to all staff members via the employee foundation. More than 20,000 people currently work at the airport site, including 5,800 employees at Flughafen Wien AG and its subsidiaries.
“The stock market listing of the company will remain an important pre-requisite and guarantee in the future that the company can continue along its successful business path without being influenced by other interests”, assure Günther Ofner and Julian Jäger, Members of the Management Board of Flughafen Wien AG. “From the company’s perspective, it is a pity that there has been a massive increase in regulations and bureaucratisation affecting publicly traded companies. In turn, this has made it increasingly difficult to operate and also drastically raised the burden from regulatory costs”, the Management Board members regret.
From 6.8 million to 23.4 million passengers: tripling of passenger volume since 1992
Vienna Airport handled 6.8 million travellers in 1992. Since then, passenger volume has tripled. In 2016, Vienna Airport set a new record with 23.4 million passengers.  
Listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1992: The shareholder structure of Flughafen Wien AG
When the Flughafen Wien share was initially listed on the stock market in 1992, 36.5% of the shares were held by the Republic of Austria, 18.25% were in the hands of the Federal State of Lower Austria, 18.25% were owned by the City of Vienna and 27% were in free float. In 1995, the government reduced its stake, in which case the Republic of Austria, the Federal State of Lower Austria and the City of Vienna each owned 17.38% of the FWAG shares, whereas 1% were held by Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport and 46.68% of the shares were in free float. Since the year 2000, the City of Vienna and the Federal State of Lower Austria have each owned a 20% shareholding, and the employee foundation has about 10%. The remaining 39.8% of the shares are held by Airports Group Europe (IFM) and 10.2% are in free float.
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