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Expanded Security Checks at Airports starting in the Fall 2015
Security is a top priority in air traffic: On September 1, 2015, expanded security regulations come into effect with respect to checking for explosives at European and thus also Austrian airports. Passengers, hand luggage and electronic devices have to be checked in the future for traces of explosive on the basis of manual screening using specially developed paper strips. In order to minimize the trouble for passengers and carry out the checks as quickly as possible, Austrian airports will rely on additional personnel, a high service orientation and efficient processes.
In accordance with EU Regulation 185/2010, passengers, their hand luggage and electronic devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones will have to be checked at European and thus also Austrian airports for traces of explosives. Since March of this year, electronic devices have been manually examined at the security checkpoints to detect potential manipulation.  
Starting in the fall of 2015, these security controls will be carried out with the help of so-called Explosive Trace Detection devices (ETD). Within the context of the well-known security checks, passengers will be additionally screened on the palms of their hands and belts as well as hand luggage and electronic devices with specially developed paper strips. A subsequent on site chemical analysis of the strips will provide information about traces of suspected explosive compounds. These security controls will be carried out on a random basis. 
High quality service at security checkpoints
In order to be able to implement the new regulations on behalf of passengers as conveniently as possible, the Austrian airports will focus on providing quality service. For example, the number of employees working at security checkpoints has been increased at Vienna Airport since the beginning of the year and provided with intensive training. Staff is flexibly deployed in line with flight schedules and expected passenger volumes, and separate service counters located after the security checks offer personal support if problems arise. More than 1,200 employees of Flughafen Wien AG are deployed for security controls. In line with the air traffic regulations, more people have been hired at other Austrian airports as well. On balance, waiting time at security checkpoints at Austrian airports is very limited. However, it cannot be excluded that the additional security controls could increase the time and effort involved for travelers.
Service tip for passengers: all information on security checks at airports can be found at and on the Websites of Austrian airports:;;;; and
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