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First week of real-time operations in Check-in 3: over 240,000 passengers handled since 5 June 2012


Operations generally problem-free, on-going optimisation as required


Design and comfort, shopping and gastronomy offering well received by passengers


The new terminal at Vienna Airport has been in operations for seven days, with over 240,000 passengers using Check-in 3 from 5 June to yesterday evening, 11 June 2012. Real-time operations are generally proceeding without complications. There is a need for improvement, above all, in the orientation signs and the transitions between the various check-in areas. In general, the design, comfort and shopping and gastronomy offering in the new Check-in 3 have been very well received by passengers. Nothing can change the longer routes resulting from the size of the terminal, but modern moving walkways help to shorten the distance. As indicated by the Management Board of Flughafen Wien, work is continuing to further improve travel comfort for passengers ‑ through on-going optimisation in the new terminal and through modernisation of the “old“ terminal infrastructure.


Improvement in the terminal orientation signs

Nearly 35,000 travellers now pass through the new terminal each day. Feedback from passengers, partners and employees has led to the identification of important areas for improvement ‑ for example in the orientation signs, especially the ones pointing to the “old“ check-in areas 1, 1A and 2. Many travellers are not yet familiar with these routes. Additional direction signs and guideposts have already been installed to make the general passageways and transfer connections easier to find.


Over 100 employees from contractor firms on location at all times

Real-time operations are, for the most part, proceeding smoothly from the technical standpoint. However, over one hundred employees from all firms involved in the terminal construction will be at the airport at least through the end of June to immediately resolve any technical problems. For example, isolated escalator and elevator malfunctions have already been repaired. Flughafen Wien also sees a need to enlarge the queuing area before the three immigration control counters in the new terminal as well as the connections between the new and old terminals. There is currently a level difference between the two building complexes that needs to be corrected with stairs and an elevator. Construction measures to improve this situation are currently being evaluated.


Work to modernise the existing terminal areas to start shortly

At the same time, work will also start to improve travel comfort in the old terminals: starting last week and continuing up to 23 June 2012, a central security control area will be installed in Pier West. Passengers departing from the B or C-Gates will then be able to enjoy the shopping and gastronomy areas or wait for their departure directly at the gates after passing through the required security controls. The previous security control lines directly at the Pier West gates will be removed.





Modernisation work in Check-in 1 (the former Terminal 1) will start at the end of June. The old arrivals hall has already been closed, and the construction site for the Austrian Railway Corporation station will soon open in this area. The shopping arcade and car park 3 will still be available to passengers, but the access route will lead in part over temporary walkways outside the terminal building because of the construction. Plans to improve this situation are currently in progress. The construction in Check-in 1 is scheduled for completion by the end of 2012, when Air Berlin and NIKI will relocate to the redesigned terminal. Work will then start on Check-in 2 (the former Terminal 2). These measures are designed to improve the service and location quality in all terminal facilities and to provide all passengers with an enjoyable travel experience.


Flughafen Wien recommends car park 4 (closer to Check-in 3) for passengers on Star Alliance and Austrian Airlines flights and car park 3 (closer to Check-in 1, 1A and 2) for flights with all other airlines. Both car parks are directly connected with the terminal buildings. Car park 4 is closest to the new arrivals hall. Information on the specific check-in areas used by the various airlines and the check-in counters for individual flights can be found on the Flughafen Wien website under This website also provides layout plans of the airport with details on the shops, restaurants, lounges and parking facilities as well as the services provided at Vienna Airport.






For additional information contact: Flughafen Wien AG Press Office

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Clemens Schleinzer (+43-1-) 7007-22399                                 

Stefanie Tomanek (+43-1-) 7007-26939