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Environmental policy

The environmental policy of Flughafen Wien AG and the relevant subsidiaries was adopted by the Management Board. The environmental policy defines the principles and focal points of action of Flughafen Wien AG in the area of environmental protection and communicates the commitment to the continuous improvement of environmental protection and compliance with environmental regulations both internally and externally.

The environmental policy was adopted by the Management Board of Flughafen Wien AG and the relevant subsidiaries.

Declaration on the environmental policy of Flughafen Wien AG and its subsidiaries:

Our  corporate policy is geared towards pursuing economic, social and ecological goals in a balanced relationship.

From this, the following central, strategic guidelines are derived for our environmental policy:

"We are committed to a careful and conscious approach to the environment and undertake to comply with all environmentally relevant laws, regulations and official requirements as well as  to continuously minimise negative ecological impacts."

This means:

  • the most efficient and sparing use possible of the environment and natural resources, including in particular the use of a comprehensive environmental management programme, new technologies and the use of alternative energy sources. As far as the company has an influence on this, it also tries to involve the partners and customers at the site in the environmental activities.

  • highest priority for the continuous dialogue with all stakeholders and citizens burdened by air traffic and the sustainable safeguarding of the quality of life in the region, above all by continuing the work in the Dialogue Forum and the Neighbourhood Advisory Council, as well as by using all technical and factual possibilities to minimise the burden of emissions and immissions despite the trend towards increasing traffic volumes.

  • practice social responsibility in our relationships with all stakeholders. This applies in particular to our employees, but also to suppliers and service providers. In the context of our regional and social role, but also all relationships with stakeholders in our neighbourhood and beyond. We promote and respect ethnic and ideological diversity to the highest degree and make special efforts to promote women and facilitate working conditions for older employees. Our social responsibility is also the guiding principle for our donation and sponsoring activities.