ASFINAG Renovates A4 Eastern Highway

The Schwechat-Vienna Airport section of the A4 Eastern Highway (Ost-Autobahn) will be subject to a complete renovation in the period March 20, 2017 to the end of November 2017. Vienna Airport advises passengers to leave sufficient time to travel to the airport. Information on the traffic situation and the time required to get to the airport will be available on the Websites of Vienna Airport and ASFINAG.

complete renovation in the period March 20, 2017 to the end of November 2017

ASFINAG is carrying out a major renovation of the interchange Schwechat – Vienna Airport exit on the A4 Eastern Highway beginning on March 20, 2017. The overhaul of the highway, which is expected to end at the end of November 2017, will affect traffic in both directions. During the renovation work, the three traffic lanes in each direction will have varying lane widths. The maximum permitted speed will be reduced to 80 km/hour. The A4 connection road to the airport will not be affected by the renovation work and will continue to be fully accessible without restrictions.

March 20-25, 2017: setting up the roadworks
The construction site on the roads will be set up in the period March 20-25, 2017. During this period, only two lanes will be open for traffic in each direction instead of three.

Starting on March 25, 2017, the following will generally apply when driving towards Vienna:

  • The third traffic lane (to the very left) will be physically separated from the other two lanes by a concrete safety barrier, and may only be used by passenger cars.

  • Trucks and buses are only permitted to use the right-hand lane.

  • The airport exist is only accessible via the right-hand lane.

  • All approach roads and exits to and from Vienna Airport as well as the Vienna Outer Ring Expressway S1 (Außenring Schnellstraße) will be generally accessible.

The folllowing applies when driving towards Hungary:

In the initial phase, the traffic lanes in the direction of Hungary will only be narrowed in size. The subsequent construction phase, which is expected to begin in the middle of June 2017, will change the lane guidance. 

Alternative route: Federal Road 9

Federal Road 9 (Bundesstraße B9) can be used as an alternative route to travel to and from the airport. It can be reached from the southwest via the Schwechat-East (Schwechat Ost) junction and the Vienna Outer Ring Expressway S1 (Außenring Schnellstraße). When travelling to the airport from the southeast and east, the B9 can be reached via Federal Road 10 (N10) and Federal Road 60 (B60).

Alternative to going by car: public transportation

One alternative to getting to the airport by car is to use public transportation. This includes the City Airport Train (CAT), numerous train connections offered by the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) and buses operated by Vienna Airport Lines.

Timely information about current traffic conditions

Vienna Airport advises passengers to inform themselves in a timely manner about the current traffic situation before leaving for the airport. The latest traffic news, traffic cameras and a route planer are available at auf The time needed to get to Vienna Airport is displayed in real time here.  Regular traffic information on the road network of ASFINAG is announced on the radio station Hitradio Ö3. Mobile on-site digital displays will indicate delays and possible alternative routes to drivers

Contact information in case of inquiries or complaints

ASFINAG has installed an ombudsperson for the roadworks. This person can be reached at +43 5 0108 99399 and in case questions or complaints arise or to make suggestions.