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25.03.2013 | IR news
Flughafen Wien AG: Announcement in accordance with 91(1) and 92(no. 5) of the Austrian Stock Exchange Act
In accordance with 92 (no. 5) of the Austrian Stock Exchange Act, Flughafen Wien AG was informed on 21 March 2013 that Silchester International Investors LLP, who acts as an investment manager for a number of commingled funds and has full discretion over the investments and is empowered to vote on their behalf, held 2,098,685 or 9.99% of the outstanding voting rights of Flughafen Wien AG as of 20 March 2013 (on 12 June 2012 Silchester International Investors LLP reported a stake of 10.07% in the voting rights of the company).
Furthermore Silchester International Investors LLP, in accordance with 91 (1) of the Austrian Stock Exchange Act, informed Flughafen Wien AG on 21 March 2013, that one of the clients of said funds, Silchester International Investors International Value Equity Trust, exercises control over 963,287 or 4.59% of the outstanding shares of Flughafen Wien AG. 



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