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15.02.2010 | IR news
Construction on VIE-Skylink resumed as planned
Construction on the terminal extension VIE-Skylink has resumed today as planned. Work on the technical facilities for heating, air conditioning and ventilation as well as sanitary and electrical equipment has already begun. The scope of construction will increase successively over the coming months, whereby the next step will involve the start of work on various interior elements.
The resumption of construction on the VIE-Skylink will initially focus on the repair and elimination of defects, following the conclusion of procedures to register evidence at the site. Extensive work on the existing building substance and preparations for a productive and effective construction site are also required. At the same time, coordinated realisation plans will be completed and readied for the scheduled construction stages on a timely basis.
Contract negotiations that took place during the suspension of construction have now been successfully concluded with the most important trade firms. New companies were selected for project management and local construction oversight. The tender to select a general contractor for the interior construction is currently in progress, and a final decision is expected soon. A tender to select a general contractor for the entire project was also started and should be completed by the third quarter of 2010. The decision to award this contract will be based on the economic benefits for Flughafen Wien AG.
In December 2009 a total cost of € 830 million was announced for the terminal extension VIE-Skylink. This figure includes provisions for risk as well as reserves and the possible commissioning of a general contractor for the entire project. The goal remains intact to hold costs below this amount and also meet the time schedule. Operations in the terminal extension are planned to start during the first half of 2012.



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