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16.04.2007 | IR news

16.04.2007: Flughafen Wien AG on Antalya: Legal steps initiated

The attorneys of Flughafen Wien AG (FWAG) and Celebi Hava Servisi A.S. have completed their extensive examinations and concluded that the decision announced by the Aviation State Authority (DHMI) to exclude these joint bidders from the tender for the concession to operate the three terminals at Antalya Airport is not understandable.
In a half-page statement DHMI listed three of roughly 150 documents that supposedly contain defects, without citing any reasons for considering these documents to be incorrect. These documents, which were prepared by Celebi Hava Servisi A.S. were re-examined in detail by the attorneys of Celebi Hava Servisi A.S. and FWAG. Their analysis did not lead to the identification of any defects whatsoever.
After consultation with its attorneys and on behalf of the joint bidders, Celebi Hava Servisi A.S. will file a lawsuit against the exclusion from this tender and also ask the court to issue a provisional injunction.
For additional information contact:
Michael Kochwalter   (+43-1-) 7007-22300
Brigitta Pongratz         (+43-1-) 7007-23000



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