Summary of advertising possibilities

Vienna Airport offers a variety of advertising possibilities including large backlit panels in the check-in area 1, check-in area 1A, check-in area 2 and check-in area 3, in the arrivals area, in the connecting passages to the East and West Pier, and at the gates and along the airport entrance and exit roads. Large billboards can also be erected on the access roads within the airport.

There is a centrally located promotion area in the transit area, which is seen by most passengers. It is possible to display products and put up information stands there.

Judge for yourself the variety of advertising possibilities at Vienna Airport with the aid of our advertising simulator and test your own campaign.

Enquiries for advertising space:

Mrs Ilse Koinig

Tel: +43 1 7007 22216

Fax: +43 1 7007 522216