Other development projects

The airport has been expanding continuously to meet the requirements of modern air travel.

Expansion of Vienna Airport - recently completed projects

Examples of our current expansion projects:

ÖBB station - conversion for main-line routes at Vienna Airport

The conversion of the railway station at Vienna Airport is an important infrastructure project that will establish the ideal basis for connection to the entire airport catchment area in the west, south and east. The work by ÖBB Infrastruktur Bau AG in cooperation with Flughafen Wien AG is a further milestone in this regard. Normal operations will continue during the construction, which is also being coordinated with other construction work at the airport. On completion it will present a modern and convenient facility for long-distance international rail traffic.

Advantages for passengers:

  • increase in travel quality through modern transfer centre

  • improved transfer between rail, air and public transport

  • improved security through access to railway platform

  • greater convenience for rail and air travellers, tourists and airport employees

  • state-of-the-art tunnel safety standards

  • increased attractiveness of Vienna as an economic region

Photos- VIE Metamorphosis

An extensive photo documentation of the construction projects at Vienna Airport shows the VIE Metamorphosis.