Vienna Airport Ground Handling Services

Vienna Airport Handling

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Vienna Airport Handling Services, the specialist business area of Flughafen Wien AG for ground and freight handling services at Vienna Airport, is notable for its customer orientation, quality and speed.
Advantages of handling by FWAG

Handling by Flughafen Wien AG offers speed, flexibility, short turnaround times and much more. Find out for yourself.

Passenger handling
Passenger handling at Vienna Airport includes everything from ticket counter, counter check- in and gate staff to lost & found services for arriving passengers.
Operations and load control

The proper and rapid loading of aircraft is one of the most important tasks of an airport. In this regard you can count on our airport team.

Ramp handling

Ramp handling at Vienna Airport includes not only aircraft and baggage handling but also catering, crew transport, de-icing and cleaning of aeroplanes.

De/Anti-Icing of Aircraft

De/Anti Icing is provided by ten Safeaero and 5 Vestergaards Elephant BETA.
For Details concerning the de/anti-icing proceedures please open the download link provided in this chapter.

Cargo handling

The cargo area of Flughafen Wien AG carries out the physical cargo handling with 100% customer neutrality.




IATA certified trainers offer high quality Dangerous Goods Trainings for all categories (Staff categories 1,3,6 and 7-10).


If you have any questions or require support or information, our staff would be glad to provide you with prompt and professional assistance.