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11.12.2009 | IR news
EUR 830 million budget approved for Skylink
Restart of construction beginning in mid-February 2010
The Supervisory Board today approved a budget of € 830 million for the terminal expansion VIE-Skylink, based on a request by the Management Board. This amount includes provisions for risk as well as reserves and the possible commissioning of a general contractor. The goals are to complete the project at a lower cost and adhere to the time schedule.
The last investment budget for the Skylink totalled € 657 million and reflected adaptations to the project that resulted from increased requirements by municipal authorities, the optimisation of the retail and gastronomy concept, the necessary redesign of the project organisation and price increases. After it became apparent in spring 2009 that the costs would exceed this framework, a number of consequences were drawn: The project was reorganised with a leaner structure under the direction of Norbert Steiner. Construction was interrupted at the end of June 2009 and all contracts were cancelled to permit the preparation of coordinated planning documents, conclude new contracts and implement further measures to minimise costs.
Contract negotiations proceeding successfully
In the meantime, the contract negotiations between Flughafen Wien AG and the involved firms as well as the tenders for the continuation of construction on the terminal expansion VIE-Skylink have brought successful results. The major contracts have been concluded, and a tender was started to select a contractor to direct the interior construction. Tenders for project management and local construction oversight were also carried out and will be completed shortly.
Court proceedings for the preservation of evidence are currently in progress at the request of Flughafen Wien AG, and are intended to measure the status of the work performed to date and identify any defects. This will form the basis for possible damage claims against third parties in the future.
Tender for general contractor should be completed by the third quarter of 2010
The tender to select a general contractor will be started in the near future and should be completed by the third quarter of 2010. The decision to award this contract will be based on the economic benefits for Flughafen Wien AG. The time schedule for the Skylink project will not be affected by this decision, and construction should resume ? as planned ? beginning in mid-February 2010. The general contractor would be in charge of construction up to the point of transfer and would also be responsible for the management of all additional construction up to the completion of the project and start of operations. Operations in the terminal expansion VIE-Skylink are planned to start during the first half of 2012.



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