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25.10.2006 | IR news

25.10.2006: Consortium TwoOne: 66 % share of Košice Airport transferred to Consortium TwoOne, new Executive Board and Supervisory Board adopted

Today, Wednesday 25 October 2006, at Košice airport, 66 % of the shares in Košice Airport were transferred to Consortium TwoOne under an official instrument. The purchase price for Košice Airport is EUR 23.7 million. The shareholders’ equity is being topped up by EUR 9.7 million in order to finance investments.


The new Executive Board of Košice Airport was adopted at the general meeting on 19 October 2006. The CEO is Dr. Michael Fazekas. Other Directors are Ing. Marta Horváthová and Marián Slivovic. The Supervisory Board has also been regenerated. Its members are Mag. Marc Sinzinger, Mag. Andreas Schadenhofer, Mag. Karin Zipperer, Ing. Marek Ondrejka, RNDr. Branislav Kvasnica and Ing. Alexander  Magašitz. Delegates from the Košice Airport Works Council are Ing. Július Romsak, Ivan Splítek and Lubomira Sándorová. All have been appointed for five year periods of office.


Consortium TwoOne will invest a total of EUR 10.7 million over the period up to 2011, in order to ensure the sustained development of Košice Airport. In addition to an expansion of the aprons and taxiways, this extensive investment programme is aimed in particular at an expansion of non-aviation business.


Herbert Kaufmann, Spokesperson for the Executive Board of Flughafen Wien AG, has expressed his satisfaction: “We believe that the plan we have put forward, which involves cooperation between the airports of Košice and Vienna, will bring benefits to all those involved. Both airports will contribute their own strengths. Vienna Airport will continue to focus on its strategy as a transfer hub. Thanks to its special strategic significance in the catchment area of Slovakia/Hungary/Ukraine/Poland, Košice will continue to further consolidate its status in relation to point-to-point traffic.“ Close cooperation between the two sites will ensure optimum exploitation of their synergies. In the words of Executive Board Spokesperson Herbert Kaufmann: “We intend to develop Košice Airport into a commercially successful business, which will represent a key economic factor providing significant stimulus for economic growth and employment within the region."


"Košice airport will also due to this investment have significant potential for growth and rise in the number of customers. We want the private ownership to be a guarantee of better services for our customers“, explains Jozef Oravkin, a Partner in the Private Equity Group Penta Investments. Košice Airport is already recording passenger growth levels in double figures. In 2005, a total of 270,000 passengers used Košice Airport. During the first half of 2006, passenger levels were up by more than 30 percent, to a total of around 137,000, in comparison with the first half of 2005.


In the words of Karl Sevelda, a Director of Raiffeisen Zentralbank (RZB): “The airport fulfils an important function within the region, which extends well beyond the conurbation of Košice. The development of this region, in which we are not only the leading banking group, but also a major employer, is a major concern for RZB.” Customers in Slovakia and in Eastern Slovakia’s neighbours Hungary, the Ukraine and Poland have access to 1,700 branches of the banks in the RZB network. In the city of Košice itself, there are eight branches of Tatra banka, plus 16 ATMs.


Consortium TwoOne is made up of Flughafen Wien AG, along with Raiffeisen Zentralbank (RZB) and the Slovakian private equity group Penta. The Consortium won the contract to privatise 66% of Košice Airport.


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