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Share capital

€ 152.67 m

€ 152.67 m 

€ 152.67 m

€ 152.67 m

€ 152.67 m

Numbers of shares

21 m

21 m

21 m

21 m

21 m

Share price on 31.12.

€ 61.00

€ 42.99 

€ 29.25

€ 51.23

€ 34.80

Annual high

€ 61.43

€ 42.99

 € 51.98

€ 51.23

€ 38.84

Annual low

€ 41.00

€ 26.04 

€ 25.70

€ 33.11

€ 19.06

Earnings per share

€ 3.49

€ 3.42 

€ 1.50 

€ 3.61

€ 3.49

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Recent announcements

01.02.2006 | IR news

01.02.2006: Pointing Bratislava and Košice airports, with all speed, towards optimum development

“We are very pleased with today’s Government decision and are convinced that we have submitted the best offer in order to achieve sustained development both of the airports and of the entire region” says Herbert Kaufmann, Spokesperson of the Executive Board of Flughafen Wien AG, on today’s decision on the privatisation of 66% of Bratislava airport. The Business Plan of Consortium TwoOne, of which Flughafen Wien AG, Raiffeisen Zentralbank (RZB) and the Slovakian Equity Group Penta are members, provides for immediate improvements for the airport and the infrastructure. “We are prepared to take prompt measures. Initial improvements are likely to follow as early as this year. Bratislava airport will be enlarged, modernised and be made more comfortable”, as Herbert Kaufmann points out.


Last week, during a second bidding round, TwoOne overcame the competition. In total, TwoOne is paying a purchase price of SKK 11.4 billion (approx. EUR 299 million) for 66 percent of the shares in Bratislava and Košice airports. The entire amount will be going into the national budget of the Slovakian Republic. The cost of topping up the equity in order to finance investments amounts to SKK 7.9 billion (approx. EUR 203 million) in the case of Bratislava airport, and SKK 380 million (approx. EUR 9.7 million) in the case of Košice airport. Consortium TwoOne has undertaken to invest a total of SKK 9.8 billion (approx. EUR 250.7 million) between 2006 and 2010. Bratislava will receive SKK 9.37 billion (approx. EUR 240 million) of this amount, and Košice will receive SKK 415.6 million (approx. EUR 10.7 million).


"We are giving Bratislava the opportunity of more destinations, higher frequencies and more passengers than it could achieve with any other solution”, says Herbert Kaufmann. The further development of the airport will also have a positive effect on the entire region: Economic calculations demonstrate that a thousand new jobs come with every million additional flight passengers.


According to the EU study Interreg III-A, a cooperation could actually generate up to 35,000 new jobs in the Bratislava region. “We are especially keen to achieve sustained positive development in the Bratislava-Vienna region. The partnership between the airports of Vienna and Bratislava represents a unique opportunity to speed up the coalescence of the region, promote economic development and improve the prosperity of its inhabitants”, says RZB Executive Board Director Karl Sevelda.


Although no two capitals are as close in geographical terms as Bratislava and Vienna, there are still no major road and rail links between them. TwoOne will now facilitate the speedy construction of the Bratislava Airport - Bratislava City - Vienna Airport - Vienna City high speed rail link. Travelling times should be just under an hour. There will be check-in terminals in the city stations to enhance traveller comfort.


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