Environmental Management

Vienna International Airport

Dedicated environmental management at Vienna International Airport 

Since 1978, official regulations have required that a 66 dB(A) noise zone at Vienna International Airport be calculated annually by the TGM Research Institute for Heat and Sound Engineering in Vienna. In 2009, flight movements during the six busiest months decreased 10.5 per cent on account of the economic situation; in 2010 an increase of 3.4 per cent was registered. The 66 dB(A) zone is now 11.66 square kilometres, an increase last year of 12.5 per cent.
In spite of a 285 per cent increase in flight movements since 1980 ? the largest increase in terms of area in the 66 dB(A) flight noise zone, the 60 dB(A) zone has decreased by 66 per cent.
FANAMOS - noise measurement
FANOMOS is an important instrument in the analysis of aircraft noise. It has fourteen fixed and fourteen mobile measuring points to record noise emissions from aircraft taking off and landing. To ensure measuring accuracy, the system carries out an acoustic and electrical test every six hours. The required radar and flight information is provided by Austro Control. FANOMOS correlates the flight data and readings .
Air quality measurement
Readings at the individual measuring stations, including Schwechat airport, can be found at www.numbis.at. This provides information at any time on sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides levels for comparison with data from other measuring points. The readings from the measuring points close to the airport differ only minimally from those on the airport site itself.
The airport’s location is equivalent to that of a site on the outskirts of a large city, with low benzene, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, dust and heavy metal emissions and moderate nitrogen oxide pollution. The ozone readings at the airport are similar to those throughout the Vienna Basin.
The current monthly values can be found at www.vie-umwelt.at.
Online flight tracking
Since mid-2009 flight tracks have been available at www.flugspuren.at for movements up to fourteen days in arrears. The radar data provided by ACG gives information on take-offs and landings at Vienna International Airport. The programme distinguishes between landings, take-offs, runway direction, flight path, height and time and also by type of propulsion, i.e. propeller or jet.
Environment and aviation hotline
The environment and aviation hotline is an important instrument providing information to those affected by air traffic. A team of specially trained staff managed by Flughafen Wien AG can be reached on 0810 223340 for the price of a local phone call. The hotline is staffed from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., and questions and complaints can be recorded on an answering machine at other times.
The Dialogue Forum Flughafen Wien and its members, such as Austro Control, Austrian Airlines Group, Umweltanwaltschaft Niederösterreich, the city of Vienna and Österreich-Plattform Fluglärm, have provided assistance with this project.