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Birdly: Flying like a bird

The intention of Birdly ® is to fulfil people's ancient dream of flying. Using virtual reality (VR) and robotic technology, SOMNIACS creates an extremely vivid full-body experience where you instantly forget the mechanics and computer codes behind this spectacular device. The immersive and interactive nature of Birdly ® serves one purpose: to enjoy the ultimate freedom of a bird and explore the sky intuitively.

Experience a wide variety of experiences from a bird's eye view. Steer yourself through the time of the dinosaurs or through the urban canyons of Manhattan.

Book Birdly as an add-on to the tour or just enjoy the Birdly experience!!!

Flights are also possible outside the tours at the times indicated

Recommended minimum height of the flyer: 130cm

We look forward to seeing you!

There are currently no dates for the selected tour.

Comments on the flight with BIRDLY

„It is one of the greatest and most intuitive VR experiences we have ever had. The sensation is incredible.“


„... with your arms spread wide, an Oculus in your face and headphones in your ears, you float above the city centre, moving your wings to gain altitude. It's a calming, meditative experience. Engaging and exhilarating, Birdly is the kind of VR experience that turns sceptics into true believers“

THE VERGE (Bryan Bishop und Casey Newton, Januar 2015)

„The Birdly experience is beautiful and extremely vivid. It is also the first time I felt like my whole body had been transported into the world I was in.“


„Many of us have dreamed of flying at some point in our lives ... Birdly is the closest I have ever come to feeling that way ... To say Birdly is convincing is to change its impact.“


„I lived the dream of flying for two minutes. And it was convincing enough that I was annoyed to have to use my own feet to walk four blocks to my next SXSW appointment.“


Spectacular VR experience from the first PersonBirdly®

Through a head-mounted display, you are embedded in a high-definition virtual landscape loaded with interactive zones and entertaining surprises.

Unlike an ordinary flight simulator, you don't conquer the sky with a joystick, a mouse and lots of buttons: you simply embody a graceful bird.

Birdly ® approaches the dream of flight by combining the best available technology with unconventional design methods.

You control your flight with your arms and hands, which are directly related to the wings (flutter) and the main feathers of the bird (navigation).

This input is reflected in the bird's flight model and is returned by the simulator as physical feedback on pitch, roll and throw movements.

To evoke an intense and immersive flight adventure, SOMNIACS energetically relies on precise sensory-motor coupling and strong visual impact.

In addition, Birdly ® includes sound and wind feedback: depending on your speed, the simulator regulates the headwind of a fan mounted in front of you.