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09.07.2010 | Press releases
Flughafen Wien AG: important milestone set for further scheduled construction on the Skylink
Tender completed to select a general contractor for the interior construction

"Today we have taken an important step toward the scheduled continuation of construction on the terminal extension Skylink. The tender to select a general contractor for the interior construction has been completed without further objections", indicated Ernest Gabmann, member of the Management Board of Flughafen Wien AG.


The tender was awarded to ARGE Swietelsky Bögl, and the contracts have been completed. "Work on the interior can now start immediately. The general contractor for the interior construction was the most important - and only remaining - building block required to increase the pace of construction as planned", explained project manager Norbert Steiner.


This general contractor will provide all remaining building construction works - the entire interior construction, extensive metalworking, master building and exterior facilities. In particular, these activities will involve work previously covered by contracts with the Gerstl and Rudolf companies. In connection with the necessary interruption of construction, the earlier contracts with all firms were cancelled and subsequently renegotiated at significantly better conditions for Flughafen Wien AG.


Work on the heating, air conditioning, ventilation, sanitary and electrical systems is already in progress. The detailed planning schedule for the Skylink project was revised and completed. The overall schedule confirms that the start of operations during the first half of 2012 is guaranteed.


In addition, projections by the new project management confirm the approved budget. The goal is to hold costs below ? 830 million, whereby this amount includes provisions for risk, reserves and the possible commissioning of a general contractor for the entire project.


"The complete refocusing of the project, the new and coordinated detail planning, previously completed construction and, finally, the selection of a general contractor for the interior construction will create the key requirements for completion of this project in accordance with the cost and scheduling targets", confirmed Gabmann and Steiner.


Independent of these decisions, the tender to select a general contractor for the entire project will continue at full speed. Hearings have been held and the offer phase will start during the coming weeks. The tender should be completed by autumn 2010. The decision to award this contract will be based on the economic benefits for Flughafen Wien AG.

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