Investor relations

Investor relations
On the following pages you will find information about the shares and performance of Flughafen Wien AG.
At a glance

The share price development, key performance indicators and the latest news - at a glance.

Vienna Airport Share

Here you will find information about Flughafen Wien AG shares: development, peer group comparison, shareholder structure, dividends and dividend calculator, and the latest analysts’ reports as well as information on the cancellation of share certificates.


Here you will find a compilation of share-related press releases, ad hoc releases and traffic results.

Publications and reports
Downloadable quarterly and annual reports of Flughafen Wien AG and other publications in chronological order provide information on the business operations of Flughafen Wien AG.
Corporate Governance

Here you will find information about corporate governance and the evaluation reports.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Flughafen Wien AG has always been actively involved in the sustainable development both of the compny and the region, in other words corporate social responsibility (CRS).

Financial calendar
All Flughafen Wien AG dates at a glance: traffic and financial results, annual general meeting, payment of dividends. We can also send you e-mail reminders of important dates in the business year.
Annual general meeting
Announcements, information and results of the latest and past AGMs for downloading.

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IR-team and contact
Do you have questions or suggestions regarding Flughafen Wien AG? The Investor Relations team pursues an active information policy.

Annual Reports and Quarterly Reports




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