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Press releases & news
Flughafen Wien AG on the article in the 23 April 2010 issue of “Format”
With respect to the article in the 23 April 2010 issue of the Austrian journal “Format“, Flughafen Wien AG would like to state that the court-ordered preservation of evidence reflects an initiative of the company itself. The Management Board and Supervisory Board have not yet received a report on the results of these investigations. This was also confirmed by Matthias Rant, the civil engineer who was commissioned to conduct the court-ordered procedures for the preservation of evidence.
The technical quality of the construction work is monitored by on-site management, just as with any other construction project. For the VIE-Skylink, this on-site management was delegated to an external firm. The company is currently evaluating whether this will lead to any claims for damages against third parties.
Furthermore, it should be noted that - as is the case with any unfinished construction assignment - there are deficiencies that must be remedied before the project is completed. Work has been underway since the resumption of construction on 15 February 2010 to correct previously identified defects. This process will continue after the results of the court-ordered preservation of evidence become available. The responsible authorities must issue an operating permit prior to the start of terminal operations, and any remaining severe defects would prevent the start of operations. Therefore, passengers would not be endangered at any time.
Flughafen Wien AG continues to assume that the terminal extension VIE-Skylink will open for operations during the first half of 2012 and that the costs will remain within the announced budget of € 830 million.
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