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Press releases & news

10.04.2006 | Press releases

10.04.2006: Flughafen Wien AG welcomes decision by
federal cartel authorities on Bratislava

(Vienna) “Flughafen Wien AG welcomes the positive decision by the Austrian cartel authorities for the acquisition of Bratislava Airport by the TwoOne Consortium. This approval represents an important step in completing the purchase of a stake in Bratislava Airport“, commented Herbert Kaufmann, member and speaker of the Management Board of Flughafen Wien AG.



After extensive discussions with the Austrian authorities, Flughafen Wien AG consented to a benchmarking model that will link the future development of tariffs at Vienna International Airport to a representative cross-section of European airports. This will allow the cartel authorities to ensure that Flughafen Wien AG develops in conformity with the market. For Flughafen Wien AG, this decision will not place any limitations on its long-term tariff strategy because the model does not interfere with long-term planning. The agreement also includes provisions for the allocation of slots and the maintenance of existing take-off and landing capacity.



“This agreement represents a workable solution in the interests of all parties“, emphasized Kaufmann and indicated his optimism that a constructive solution will also be reached with the Slovakian authorities.