The Arrivals list provides infomation about all arriving flights in the previous 1 hour and for the next 26 hours. For information outside this timeframe please consult our online timetable.


When you call up current arrivals, all incoming flights for the next hour will be shown. If you are looking for a flight at a particular time, use the slide control on the left to indicate how many hours ago your plane arrived or in how many hours it is scheduled to arrive. You will find the current time underneath the slide control. If you are looking for a flight from a particular country, by flight number or airline company, enter your search criteria in the respective field or fields and confirm your query by clicking OK. The results will be listed. You can also use our full-text search by entering the search term in the field on the right. If your entry is in the system, the corresponding flights will be shown.


Last Update: 03.03.2015; 04:07 
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Tuesday 3. March 2015
04:07 +1h
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