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Press releases & news

22.01.2014 | Press releases
Flughafen Wien: optimistic outlook on 2014
  • Forecast for 2014: 1% to 3% increase in passengers
  • Continuation of positive turnaround in cargo
  • Guidance: sound improvement in EBITDA and net profit
  • Capital expenditure of € 110 million planned for 2014
2013: A challenging year and the continuing airline consolidation brought an expected slight decline of 0.7% in the number of passengers based on higher seat occupancy. With new destinations and an increase in existing frequencies, Flughafen Wien is looking toward 2014 on a positive note.
“We are expecting an increase of 1% to 3% in the number of passengers for 2014, while the development of flight movements should range from -1% to +1%. The overall trend for Vienna Airport is pointing upward: over the past five years, the average size of the aircraft has risen by 17.3% and the average seat occupancy by 6.1 percentage points. In other words, the aircraft are becoming larger and carrying more and more passengers.” explained Julian Jäger, member of the Management Board of Flughafen Wien AG. He added: “The difficult market environment in the aviation industry was also felt by Flughafen Wien in 2013. However, there has been a slight improvement in traffic, cargo and the number of passengers since the middle of last year.”
“Our financial guidance for 2014 calls for net profit of more than € 75 million, EBITDA of over € 240 million and a further reduction in net debt to below € 600 million. Cost reduction, growth and earnings improvement will also represent the focus of our activities this year. As part of our growth strategy, Vienna Airport will continue its transformation into the Airport City.” explained Günther Ofner, member of the Management Board of Flughafen Wien AG. He continued: “In the past year we consistently and successfully continued our strategy to cut costs and increase productivity. These efforts were reflected in a significant drop in net debt and investments. Over the past 24 months our share price has risen by 109%, an increase that outpaced the other listed European airports. That shows we are on the right track.”
Vienna Airport handled a total of 21,999,926 passengers during 2013 (-0.7%) in a challenging year that was influenced by a difficult market environment for the European aviation industry, capacity reduction by the airlines, crisis situations in Egypt and the Middle East and numerous flight cancellations due to the severe winter with extreme snowfall and strikes in Germany.
The number of take-offs and landings fell by 5.5%, while seat occupancy rose by 1.9 percentage points to 74.8% in 2013. Cargo followed a weak start into the year with growth of 10% during the second six months and closed 2013 with an increase of 1.6% to 256,194 tonnes.
Strong rise in traffic to North America, moderate growth for Western Europe
Passenger traffic to North America grew by a strong 10% year-on-year, above all due to the addition of flights to Chicago by Austrian Airlines. Further impulses for growth are expected in 2014 through the addition of flights to Newark (USA) by Austrian Airlines. Traffic to Western Europe increased by a slight 0.6% in 2013, while traffic to Eastern Europe fell by 2.7% chiefly due to a reduction in East European frequencies by airberlin/NIKI. Traffic to the Middle East declined by 3.5%.
Top destinations in 2013: Western Europe – Frankfurt, Eastern Europe – Moscow, Long-haul routes – Bangkok
The highest number of passengers travelling to Western Europe was recorded by Frankfurt with 659,393, followed by Zurich with 468,180 and London with 425,472. The ranking for Eastern Europe shows Moscow with 369,692 passengers, followed by Bucharest with 210,290 and Sofia with 171,390. The most passengers on long-haul flights were recorded by Bangkok with 113,864, followed by New York with 87,523 and Tokyo with 72,874.
Austrian Airlines Group with the largest share of passengers
A ranking of the airlines by the number of passengers carried is led by the Austrian Airlines Group with 49.1%, followed by NIKI with 11.0%, airberlin with 6.1% and Lufthansa with 5.5%. The top ten airlines at Vienna Airport also include germanwings with 2.7% of the total passenger volume as well as Turkish Airlines with 2.3%, British Airways with 1.8%, SWISS with 1.7%, Emirates with 1.6% and KLM with 1.3%. In this ranking Transaero, Tarom and Turkish Airlines recorded the strongest growth in the number of passengers carried. The average seat occupancy rose from 73.0% in 2012 to 74.8%. Vienna Airport was regularly serviced by 71 airlines in 2013, which travelled to a total of 177 destinations in 69 countries.
Growth trend since mid-year leads to increase in cargo volume for 2013
The volume of cargo (incl. trucking) handled at Vienna Airport began to show a positive trend in June 2013 and rose by 1.6% to 256,194 tonnes in 2013. Air cargo increased 0.5% to 178,857 tonnes, while trucking was 4.2% higher at 77,336 tonnes.
Development of traffic in the investments
Malta Airport set a new record with a year-on-year increase of 10.4% to 4,031,376 passengers in 2013. Friedrichshafen Airport handled 536,030 passengers in 2013 (-1.7%). Košice Airport recorded slight growth of 0.6% over the previous year and 237,165 passengers.
Forecast for 2014: increase in passengers, EBITDA and net profit
Flughafen Wien AG expects an increase of 1% to 3% in the number of passengers for 2014, while the development of flight movements should range from -1% to +1%. The first impulses for this growth, from the current point of view, will include the previously announced new routes to Newark (US) by Austrian Airlines, flights to Madrid (ES), Larnaca (CY) and Malta (MT) by NIKI and to Manchester (GB) by Frequency increases are also scheduled for Chicago (US), Frankfurt (D) and London (GB) by Austrian Airlines, for Rome (IT) and various destinations in Greece by NIKI, for Lisbon (PT) by TAP Portugal and for other destinations by various airlines.
Against this backdrop, the Management Board of Flughafen Wien views the outlook for 2014 with general optimism. Revenue should increase to over € 630 million, and EBITDA should total at least € 240 million. From the current point of view, profit after tax should exceed € 75 million. Net debt should decline further to below € 600 million, and investments are forecasted to total approx. € 110 million in 2014.
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Facts and Figures 2013
 2013:in % vs. 2012
Passengers (total) 21,999,926 - 0.7%
   Transfer passengers6,794,632- 3.7%
   Local passengers15,178,223+ 0.7%
Flight movements 231,179 - 5.5%
MTOW in tonnes7,913,505 - 2.6%
Air cargo and trucking in tonnes256,194 + 1.6%
   Air cargo in tonnes178,857+ 0.5%
   Trucking in tonnes77,336+ 4.2%

Regions Passengers* in % vs. 2012
Europe9,702,373  - 0.2%
  Eastern Europe2,165,556- 2.7%
  Western Europe7,536,817+ 0.6%
  Schengen6,824,670+ 0.2%
  EU7,156,765- 1.7%
Far East 363,163 - 5.6%
Middle East 522,691 - 3.5%
North America233,682+ 10.0%
Africa157,229- 17.1%
South America10,977+ 36.7%

Key destinations  Passengers*in % vs. 2012
Eastern EuropeNo.1Moscow369,692+ 15.3%
Western EuropeNo.1Frankfurt659,393+ 11,1%
Middle EastNo.1Dubai222,722- 1.4%
Long-haulNo.1Bangkok113,864+ 2.3%

Traffic forecast for 2014 
Passengers+1% to +3%
Flight movements-1% to + 1%

Financial guidance für 2014 
Revenue> € 630 million
EBITDA> € 240 million
Net profit> €   75 million
Net debt< € 600 million
CAPEXapprox. € 110 million

* Departing passengers