Arrival & Parking

Arrival & Parking
Vienna International Airport is ideally and centrally situated. It is easy to reach by all means of transport. For cars there is plenty of parking space, which can also be booked online. The City Airport Train (CAT) offers first-class comfort on the journey between the airport and Wien-Mitte station. Buses and trains depart at regular intervals for destinations in Austria and neighbouring countries, and there are also car rentals, car sharing, taxis and limousine services.
By car

Use the following for arrival at/ departure from the airport by car:

- A4 from/ to north and east

- A2 from/ to south

- S1 or A1 to A4 from the west, A4 and S1 to A1 to the west

Best parking possibilities
Vienna Airport has 22,000 parking spaces for cars.
Online Parking
Select the parking space that meets your needs and book it online.
Car park comparison

Calculate the cost of parking for the duration of your trip and compare the prices.

Disabled-accessible parking
Disabled-accessible parking is available for passengers with special requirements.
City Airport Train/ CAT
From/ to Wien Mitte nonstop in 16 minutes!
Rail connections

S-Bahn: to/from Wien-Mitte in 25 min.
ICE: to/from Linz (via Vienna Hbf, St. Pölten) in 1h 47 min.

Bus connections

Vienna Airport Lines: from/to Wien Morzinplatz, Meidling, Westbahnhof or Kaisermühlen in 20-45 minutes, International bus connections: from/to Czech Republic, Slovakia & Hungary several times a day

Taxis & limousines

Taxis & limousines are available for passengers wishing to travel independently. They are flexible and above all offer a convenient way of travelling directly to your destination in Vienna.

Car rental

For even greater independence and mobility you can also rent a car at the airport.

Mobile, spontaneous, efficient, but without an own car? Take advantage of the carsharing service at Vienna Airport for an individual arrival and departure.
Airport cycle route

The new airport cycle route connects Schwechat and Fischamend via Vienna Airport.