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Press releases & news
Three-fourths of passengers rate the new terminal as a success
Start of operations in the new terminal at Vienna Airport: passenger survey
by Karmasin Motivforschung shows extremely high satisfaction - compliments, above all, for brightness and architectonic design.
Slight need for improvement in the guidance system - but three-fourths of the survey participants also managed to easily find their way.
Shortly after the start of operations in the new terminal, a passenger survey was carried out from 5 am to 10 am this morning by the Karmasin opinion research institute on behalf of Flughafen Wien. These interviews with 525 persons produced very satisfying results.
The ratings were generally favourable: 87% of the persons surveyed saw the brightness and overview of airport happenings as positive to very positive. Only 2% had a negative opinion; the average was 1.62, based on a school grading system (1= good, 5= poor).
The new terminal was rated “excellent“ or “very good“ by 79% of the persons surveyed ‑ 14% selected “satisfactory“, and only 2% had a negative opinion.
Most of the passengers found their way around the new terminal without difficulty: 76% of the survey participants called the guidance system “very good“ or “good“. For 6%, the guidance system was “absolutely not“ understandable. The average grade here was 2.05.
Many of the passengers liked the “design and atmosphere“: 77% saw these aspects as “very good“ or “good”, and only 3% as not appealing. The persons surveyed gave the atmosphere and design an average grade of 1.96%.
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