Press releases & news

Press releases & news
Redesign of B-bus gates at Vienna Airport
The B-bus gates in the Pier West terminal area have been completely renovated, and now appear in a modern, expansive design. Eighteen gates with seating for 700 persons and twelve x-ray lines for security controls are now available for travellers.
Complete renovation of interior areas
The renovation of the B-bus gates was carried out over a period of eight months and in seven stages. That allowed for the immediate use of completed areas, and minimised the inconvenience for passengers. The interior area surrounding the gates was completely renovated: a new lighting and orientation system was installed; the technical equipment was modified; the flooring was replaced; and the boarding area and seating was exchanged to match the new, modern interior architecture. The glass and steel dividing walls that previously separated the individual gates were removed to create an open room concept. Passengers will now find a much larger waiting area surrounding the four shops as well as increased seating in the gastronomy facilities.
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