Typical careers

The following list is just a sample of the jobs available at Vienna Airport.

Loader / baggage handler


  • 18 years of age

  • completed military/community service

  • physically fit

  • driving licence B

  • willingness to work nights and shifts

  • excellent character

  • ability to work in a team

  • dependability


  • loading and unloading of aircraft

  • catering and cleaning of aircraft

  • loading of around 10 tons of baggage per person/day


  • promotion to supervisor and duty officer

Terminal guide


  • Matura (university entrance qualification)

  • completed military/community service

  • good knowledge of geography

  • pleasant appearance and manner

  • shift work

  • high service orientation

  • team spirit

  • initiative and sense of responsibility


  • information desk

  • telephone enquiries

  • loudspeaker announcements

  • assistance to passengers in the terminals


  • promotion to supervisor

Ramp Agent


  • Matura (university entrance qualification)

  • driving licence B

  • 18 years of age

  • completed military/community service

  • shift work

  • precise working

  • resistance to stress

  • technical mind


  • approx. three month training

  • responsibility for reliable loading of aircraft

  • collaboration with all companies and people involved in aircraft handling (e.g. crews, airline- and handling agents, etc.)


  • earliest after three years: promotion to loadsheet agent, FBL assistant, etc.

IT Specialist


  • At least 18 years of age

  • Completed military service

  • Completed technical training (polytechnic/University of Applied Sciences/university) in informatics/business informatics or comparable training in the field of IT

  • Relevant work experience is an advantage

  • High capacity for teamwork & social competence

  • Independent work and commitment

  • High customer and service orientation

  • Great sense of responsibility and stress resistance

  • Above-average interest in professional and personal development

 Possible areas of responsibility:

  • (Further) development of (airport-specific) IT systems

  • Maintaining the availability of IT systems

  • Supporting internal and external customers

  • Assumption of product/service responsibility

  • Assumption of (sub)project management tasks


  • Career models in the IT sector

  • Exciting, dynamic environment