The Arrivals list provides infomation about all arriving flights in the previous 1 hour and for the next 26 hours.


Aktuelle Ankünfte
Last Update: 23.10.2014; 13:01 

TimeFlight no.From / Status
11:15EI 660Dublin
landed at 12:40
11:50UN 323Moscow
expected 13:41
12:00OS 548Bologna
12:15OS 904Innsbruck
12:35OS 452London
expected 13:51
12:45HG 8009Barcelona
landed at 12:48
13:10BA 700London
13:10LH 1238Frankfurt
13:10XQ 190Antalya
13:25QR 183Doha
13:25TK 1885Istanbul
expected 13:14
13:35KL 1845Amsterdam
expected 13:40
13:35TP 692Lisbon
expected 13:51
13:40CA 842Barcelona
expected 13:56
13:40HG 8377Madrid
expected 13:50
13:45EK 127Dubai
expected 13:43
13:45PC 991Istanbul
expected 13:45
13:55HG 8491Stockholm
expected 13:41
14:05LX 1578Zurich
14:10OS 130Frankfurt
14:10RJ 127Amman
expected 14:25
14:15AB 8136Dusseldorf
14:20OS 796Sofia
expected 14:06
14:20OS 784Bucharest
expected 14:06
14:20SX 602Bern
expected 14:20
14:25HG 8499Zurich
14:25OS 780Skopje
expected 14:10
14:25OS 764Varna
expected 14:07
14:25VY 8710Barcelona
expected 14:32
14:30MS 797Cairo
expected 14:23
14:30OS 688Minsk
expected 14:34
14:30OS 834Vilnius
expected 14:20
14:30OS 778Pristina
expected 14:27
14:35HG 8015Nice
14:35OS 662Kiev
expected 14:24
14:454U 9750Dusseldorf
14:504U 752Cologne
15:05AF 1738Paris
15:10EZY 5357London
15:20CV 681Novosibirsk
expected 14:50
15:20CV 681Novosibirsk
expected 14:50
15:25HG 8475Florence
15:45HG 1299Lisbon  via  Salzburg
15:50OS 064Beijing
expected 15:39
15:55TK 1899Istanbul
16:00PS 820Odessa
16:054U 2754Stuttgart
16:05AB 8268Berlin
16:05OS 684Zagreb
16:10OS 052Tokyo
expected 15:54
16:10OS 708Prague
16:10OS 124Frankfurt
16:15OS 952Linz
16:15OS 906Innsbruck
16:15OS 742Kosice
16:20OS 336Oslo
16:20OS 624Warsaw
16:20OS 802Athens
16:20OS 598Krakow
16:25OS 774Belgrade
16:25OS 732Dubrovnik
16:25OS 532Florence
16:30LH 2330Munich
16:30OS 292Berlin
16:30OS 746Split
16:30OS 758Sarajevo
16:35OS 382Lviv
16:35OS 612St. Petersburg
16:35OS 602Moscow
16:40OS 656Kishinev
16:40OS 728Podgorica
16:40OS 786Sibiu
16:45OS 426Nice
16:45OS 848Tirane
16:45OS 502Rome
16:45OS 360Brussels
16:50HG 3825Kalamata
16:50OS 646Iasi
16:50OS 608Krasnodar
16:55OS 810Thessaloniki
17:00IA 237Baghdad
expected 17:30
17:00IA 237Baghdad
expected 17:30
17:05HG 2803Thira
17:05HG 2657Rhodes
17:10LH 1240Frankfurt
17:10SU 2352Moscow
17:15HG 8107Moscow
17:25SN 2905Brussels
17:40HG 2185Larnaca
17:45HG 8297Rome
17:45HG 8537Zurich
17:50HG 8389Munich
17:50KE 523Seoul  via  Navoi
expected 17:21
18:00AZ 190Rome
18:05BT 433Riga
18:10BA 704London
18:10LH 1242Frankfurt
18:10OS 114Munich
18:15AB 8358Berlin
18:15XM 5306Milan
18:20LX 1582Zurich
18:254U 8750Berlin
18:25HG 8829Milan
18:30AB 8444Hannover
18:30TK 1887Istanbul
18:35AY 767Helsinki
18:40AB 8516Dusseldorf
18:40LY 363Tel Aviv
18:45IB 3572Madrid
18:45LO 225Warsaw
18:45OU 442Zagreb
18:50AB 8330Hamburg
18:50PE 104Altenrhein
18:50RO 0345Bucharest
18:55JP 136Ljubljana
18:55OS 462London
18:55PS 847Kiev
19:00OS 184Stuttgart
19:00OS 854Amman
19:00OS 416Paris
19:00OS 858Tel Aviv
19:054U 7750Hamburg
19:05KL 1847Amsterdam
19:05OS 830Erbil
19:05OS 822Istanbul
19:05OS 314Stockholm
19:10OS 514Milan
19:10OS 832Larnaca
19:15OS 582Geneva
19:15OS 644Baku
19:15OS 604Moscow
19:15OS 940Klagenfurt
19:20AF 1238Paris
19:20OS 132Frankfurt
19:20OS 978Graz
19:25OS 792Bucharest
19:25OS 564Zurich
19:25OS 798Sofia
19:25OS 924Salzburg
19:304U 9752Dusseldorf
19:30LG 8857Luxemburg
19:30OS 354Brussels
19:30OS 956Linz
19:35OS 722Budapest
19:35OS 304Copenhagen
19:35OS 374Amsterdam
19:35OS 710Prague
19:404U 3758Hannover
19:40OS 736Belgrade
19:40OS 678Zagreb
19:454U 754Cologne
19:45OS 116Munich
19:50AB 8404Nuremberg
19:50FB 409Sofia
19:55JP 945Zurich
19:55OS 902Innsbruck
20:00JU 604Belgrade
20:00LH 2332Munich
20:154U 2756Stuttgart
20:15AB 8762Berlin
20:15OS 530Venice
20:20HV 5291Rotterdam
20:25ST 1914Bremen
20:25ST 1914Bremen
20:35OS 188Stuttgart
20:40OS 4060Funchal
20:45EZY 5359London
20:45OS 214Leipzig
20:50AB 8644Dusseldorf
21:05OS 632Warsaw
21:05SN 2907Brussels
21:10EK 125Dubai
21:10OS 566Zurich
21:10OS 550Bologna
21:15HG 3413Marsa Alam
21:15OS 126Frankfurt
21:15OS 794Sofia
21:15OS 276Berlin
21:20HG 8393Munich
21:20OS 196Cologne
21:20TK 1889Istanbul
21:25OS 172Hamburg
21:30HG 8773Frankfurt
21:30OS 474Basel
21:30OS 516Milan
21:30OS 788Bucharest
21:40AB 8846Hamburg
21:40OS 156Dusseldorf
21:40OS 408Lyon
21:45FX 5112Budapest
21:45OS 356Brussels
21:50OS 376Amsterdam
21:50OS 576Geneva
21:50OS 306Copenhagen
22:053V 362CAthens
22:05LX 1584Zurich
22:10ET 725Stockholm
22:10HG 8019Copenhagen
22:10OS 712Prague
22:10SU 2354Moscow
22:15BA 706London
22:15OS 418Paris
22:20HG 8471Rome
22:20KL 1849Amsterdam
22:30AB 8076Hannover
22:30HG 8253Zurich
22:35AB 8752Berlin
22:40HG 8011Barcelona
22:40HG 8825Milan
22:40OS 118Munich
22:45AB 8812Dusseldorf
22:45HG 8735Paris
22:45OS 456London
22:55IB 3578Madrid
23:05HG 3253Palma de Mallorca
23:10HG 7795Palma de Mallorca
23:10LH 1246Frankfurt
23:20HG 3239Hurghada
23:55OS 9104Rhodes
23:55OS 9332Hurghada
05:15UPS 274Cologne
05:35OS 026Bangkok
05:453V 249BLiege
05:45CA 841Beijing
05:50OS 840Dubai
05:55OS 690Minsk
05:55OS 034Delhi
06:00FX 5212Paris
06:00OS 744Kosice
06:00OS 872Teheran
06:00OS 850Tirane
06:05OS 642Yerevan
06:05OS 776Skopje
06:30OS 958Linz
06:35OS 944Klagenfurt
06:35OS 964Graz
06:40QR 181Doha
07:00KE 595Seoul
07:00KE 595Seoul
07:30OS 914Innsbruck
07:30PE 100Altenrhein
07:40AB 8180Dusseldorf
07:40OS 600Krakow
07:45AB 8274Berlin
07:45OS 718Budapest
07:50AB 8346Nuremberg
08:004U 2758Stuttgart
08:00AB 8462Hamburg
08:00LH 2326Munich
08:10AZ 192Milan
08:10LH 1232Frankfurt
08:20OS 088New York JFK
08:20PS 845Kiev
08:254U 756Cologne
08:254U 7752Hamburg
08:25JP 284Ljubljana
08:25JU 600Belgrade
08:304U 3750Hannover
08:30LX 1574Zurich
08:30OS 072Toronto
08:35OS 094Washington DC
08:35RO 0341Bucharest
08:40KL 1839Amsterdam
08:40OS 528Venice
08:40OS 066Chicago
08:45BR 061Taipei  via  Bangkok
08:45LG 8851Luxemburg
08:45LO 223Warsaw
08:504U 9754Dusseldorf
08:50OS 274Berlin
08:50OS 768Bucharest
08:50SN 2901Brussels
08:55OS 378Amsterdam
08:55OS 770Pristina
08:55OS 760Sarajevo
09:00OS 578Geneva
09:00OS 518Milan
09:00OS 800Sofia
09:00OS 308Copenhagen
09:05OS 180Stuttgart
09:05OS 536Bologna
09:05OS 318Stockholm
09:05OU 440Zagreb
09:10AF 1138Paris
09:10OS 860Tel Aviv
09:10OS 704Prague
09:10OS 568Zurich
09:15OS 970Graz
09:15OS 934Klagenfurt
09:15OS 332Oslo
09:15OS 962Linz
09:20OS 920Salzburg
09:20OS 128Frankfurt
09:20OS 458London
09:20OS 916Innsbruck
09:25OS 772Belgrade
09:25OS 682Zagreb
09:25OS 216Leipzig
09:25OS 112Munich
09:30TK 1883Istanbul
09:35HG 8385Munich
09:50HG 8823Milan
09:55AY 765Helsinki
09:55RO 0347Cluj
10:05AB 8202Berlin
10:10A3 880Athens
10:10AB 8320Hannover
10:10LH 1234Frankfurt
10:15HG 8151Zurich
10:20AB 8240Dusseldorf
10:20AB 8468Hamburg
10:25HG 8467Rome
10:40CZ 452Amsterdam
10:40FV 6203St. Petersburg
10:40HG 8515Paris
10:45HG 8017Copenhagen
10:45HG 8771Frankfurt
10:50BA 696London
10:55LY 361Tel Aviv
10:55PE 102Altenrhein
11:05BT 431Riga
11:10AB 8254Nuremberg
11:15EI 660Dublin
11:15OS 122Frankfurt
11:15SU 2184Moscow
11:25AZ 188Rome
11:25OS 512Milan
11:25OS 2352Djerba
11:40IB 3576Madrid
11:40OS 2652Rome
11:45OS 192Cologne
11:45OS 572Geneva
11:45OS 272Berlin
11:50OS 562Zurich
11:50OS 178Stuttgart
11:50OS 152Dusseldorf
11:50UN 323Moscow
11:55OS 790Bucharest
11:55OS 302Copenhagen
11:55OS 176Hamburg
11:55OS 626Warsaw
12:00OS 936Klagenfurt
12:00OS 548Bologna
12:00OS 404Lyon
12:00OS 352Brussels
12:05OS 412Paris
12:05OS 372Amsterdam
12:05OS 312Stockholm
12:10LH 1236Frankfurt
12:10OS 980Graz
12:10OS 472Basel
12:10OS 522Venice
12:15OS 904Innsbruck
12:15OS 918Salzburg
12:15OS 714Budapest
12:15OS 954Linz
12:20LG 8855Luxemburg
12:20LH 2328Munich
12:20OS 706Prague
12:25HG 8105Valencia
12:25KE 9525Seoul  via  NVI HAN
12:35OS 452London
12:45HG 8009Barcelona
12:55HV 5291Rotterdam
13:10BA 700London
13:10LH 1238Frankfurt
13:10XQ 190Antalya
13:25TK 1885Istanbul
13:30RJ 127Amman
13:35FB 409Sofia
13:35KL 1845Amsterdam
13:35TP 692Lisbon
13:40HG 8377Madrid
13:45CA 842Barcelona
13:45EK 127Dubai
13:45PC 991Istanbul
13:55HG 2715Malaga
13:55HG 8491Stockholm
14:00IA 271Baghdad  via  Erbil
14:00IA 271Baghdad  via  Erbil
14:05LX 1578Zurich
14:10OS 1422Venice
14:10OS 130Frankfurt
14:15AB 8136Dusseldorf
14:20OS 796Sofia
14:20OS 784Bucharest
14:25OS 764Varna
14:25OS 780Skopje
14:25VY 8710Barcelona
14:30MS 797Cairo
14:30OS 688Minsk
14:30OS 834Vilnius
14:35HG 8015Nice
14:35HG 8499Zurich
14:35OS 662Kiev
14:454U 9750Dusseldorf
14:504U 752Cologne
14:50OZ 783Seoul  via  Moscow